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watch-black-swan-onlineRemember back through the years when you were still a child listening to someone tell you fairy tales?  Fairy tales seemed like a little slice of life when things would start simple, but get complicated over time. Perhaps you would worry that the hero of the story would be overcome with adversity, but somehow they always managed to pull through and live happily ever after.

Darren Aronofsky, award winning director of the Black Swan takes your favorite themes to a whole new level with the creation of this stunning film. Soon after Mr. Aronofsky joined the Universal Studios team, he was chosen by the studio to take the director position for its newest movie, “Black Swan.” The film stars Natalie Portman as Nina, Vincent Cassel as Thomas Leroy, Winona Ryder as Beth MacIntyre, and Mila Kunis as Lily. The film presents a new twist on the story of an ambitious dancer who will do anything for her dreams, even at the risk of destroying herself.  Watch “Black Swan” online free and see for yourself.

The Black Swan is a taut psychological thriller set in the cut-throat world of professional ballet. Nina is a talented ballerina who is obsessed with rising to the top of the New York City dance elite by any means possible.  Nina’s mother, whom she still lives with, was a ballerina and now encourages the ambitions of her daughter. You will be able to see the important points of the relationship Thomas Leroy and Nina have as you watch “Black Swan” online free. The problems begin after the decision is made by the artistic director to have Nina replace Beth MacIntyre, the prima ballerina, in their productions of “Swan Lake.” But all is not perfect for Nina as the company has just hired a promising, new ballerina who poses a threat to Nina’s new security.

The drama turns the rivalry between these two ambitious dancers into a kind of friendship, which you will see when you watch Black Swan online free. The production requires a ballerina who can not only play with the innocence and grace of a white swan but the guile and sensuousness of a black swan.  Nina’s style and personality typifies the White Swan, but Lily demonstrates a certain spice and smoldering sensuality that may give her a competitive edge over Nina for the role.  They are friends at first, but soon Nina feels threatened by Lily’s abilities and worries that her big break is about to be ruined.  The darkness inside Nina begins to rise to the surface and begins to change her.

Watch Black Swan online free and watch this thriller about the relationship and rivalry between two young ballerina dancers.

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